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 Standard Glass Specification

TypeThicknessStandardsConstructionBroken State
Fire Rating
Laminated 6mmClass 'B' Safety to
Consists of a sandwich of two or more sheets of glass (or plastic) bonded together by a flexible, normally transparent material. N/A
G.W.P.P. 6mmClass 'C' Safety to
Two layers of 3mm glass with roll of wire between. Can be cut by scoring and snapping. < 60 min
Toughened 6mmClass 'A' Safety to
BS6206 TBC
Glass heated beyond its softening point and cooled rapidly in a surface compressive stress. This creates a glass with increased strength.N/A
Firelite8.8mmTo BS 476 Part 22A clear glass-ceramic designed specifically for use in fire doors and panels.< 240 min
Pyrocet6mmClass 'A' to BS6206 BS 476 Part 22Primarily a Class A safety glass, with fire resisitant properties< 60 min

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