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Service and Repairs

When things go wrong…


Been broken into?    Jamming door?
Ram raid?     Damaged door?
Electrical failure?

You need a professional service that gets you back working and makes you secure – fast. Over twenty years of experience in responding to emergency calls is available from Prima Doors.

Prevention is better than cure…


Take out a preventative maintenance contract for total peace of mind

You will receive:

  • Regular interval door inspection and servicing assisting Health and safety compliance
  • Freephone 24 Hour emergency service
  • Priority on emergency calls day or night
  • 20% Discount on all repair materials for doors included on the service contract.
A word about improvements…


Take a look at your doors? Is money pouring out of them on extra heating. Are they heavy and slow to open? Improving the efficiency of your doors can provide significant savings.


Efficiency and ease of use is greatly improved with electrical conversions. Choose automatic operation controlled by push button, key switch, induction loops, remote control or infra red sensors – talk to us about your requirements.

Environmental control

Draught-proofing will help to reduce your fuel bills. Brush strips & PVC Strip Curtains enhance the workplace by reducing heat loss, dust and noise. Flexible Doors provide an effective means of reducing heat loss where uninterrupted traffic flow is required. High Speed PVC roller doors employed in high vehicle traffic areas, clean areas and manufacturing plants reduce heat loss, dust dispersement and pest entry

Talk to Prima for guidance on the most suitable options…

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